1000hp+ Turboed Trailblazer Absolutely Destroys On The Strip!!!

We love drag races as much as the next guy. There’s just something about them that gets us going. We don’t know if it’s the vehicles, or the speed that we love. Maybe it’s a mixture of both. Don’t you love being able to go out and watch a customized car or truck go head to head with another to see who is faster? We sure do, and this trailblazer is one of the main reasons!!!

Pushing over 1000hp on a low boost setting, this trailblazer absolutely destroys it’s opponent! Keep in mind there is a lot of work done to this beast. This cameraman manages to get an interview with the owner. You’re not going to believe what this guy has done to his vehicle. Could you imagine the amount of power it would put out if they set the boost to max?!?

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