A 2 Stroke Detroit Diesel Engine? It’s real and it’s fantastic!

Lets be real for a minute:  So many guys out there who claim to be huge diesel fans and will argue all day about which brand or engine is better still don’t know how exactly some diesel engines work!   And for gas truck owners, they don’t even know that 2 stroke Diesel engines exist!

This guy has set out to fix that and in just a few quick minutes he covers the absolute basics of the difference between a 4 stroke engine and a 2 stroke Diesel engine.  He shows it on a classic Detroit Diesel engine the 4-53T which has been put into a 1976 GMC Pickup truck.

If you don’t know the difference, watch this video now and check out this awesome Diesel Engine. Detroit Diesel engines have been famous for decades and their legendary sound is often imitated but never duplicated!


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