Before we saw this video, we didn’t think a truck could do a barrel roll…

Sure, in movies people have done a barrel roll in their cars.   A bit of movie magic and its possible.   But before this attempt, noone had ever done a massive truck barrel roll out in the wild with no movie tricks.  Adrian “Wildman” Cenni sets out to do the impossible at Baja 1000 and do a full clean barrel roll in a Baja Trophy Truck.  They specially build and construct a ramp that will get him smoothly up into the air and then start rolling the truck.

It goes pretty much to perfection!  There are so many things that could go wrong with this heroic feat!  He could easily under or over rotate the landing and slam the truck down on its side or back!   But he sticks it with ease and makes it look like a trick he has done 1000 times before.  It must have felt like an eternity up in the air for him as he floated the barrel roll.   Your going to want to watch this one twice folks!

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