BF Goodrich Has Created The Ultimate Tire. The KO2!!!

As many of you already know, the BF Goodrich tire has been around for many years. The company has been around since 1896. It had made the tires for the new Winton car at the time. Many BF Goodrich tires have been used on multiple historical vehicles. However in 1988, the Reavis family sold the naming rights over to Michelin.

Some noteworthy vehicles they have been used on are as followed:

1. In 1903, the first car to successfully travel across the United States was equipped with a set of BF Goodrich tires.

2. In 1927 Charles Lindbergh flew the Spirit of St. Louis in the worlds first nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The Aircraft was also equipped with a set of BF Goodrich tires.

3. In 1977, during the construction of the Columbia Space Shuttle, they also equipped the spacecraft with a set of BF Goodrich tires.

Now that brings us to one of the companies biggest feats. The BF Goodrich KO2 tires are designed for light duty vehicles such as Jeeps, smaller pick-up trucks and Sports Utility Vehicles. The KO2 tires are an All Terrain tire with exceptional traction both on and off road. They are built with a racing derived cut, chip and tear-resistant tread compound. This helps to increase the life span of the tires by almost double.

Another great feature of the BF Goodrich KO2 tires is how much stronger they have made the sidewall. The sidewall on these tires are almost 2X as thick as any of its previous versions. They also have extended Side-biter lugs which help to increase traction in the roughest of terrains while using the “Air-Down” offroading style.

Now that you know most of the new features of the BF Goodrich KO2 tires, it’s time to actually see how strong these tires really are. But how is BF Goodrich going to show us this?! You’re just going to have to check it out for yourself. Tell us what you think!!

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