Do You Know How A Chain Trencher Works?!?

When it comes to trenching, a Trencher can come in many shapes and sizes. Some of these include the Wheel Trencher and the Micro Trencher. But none of them will ever compare to the power or size of the Chain Trencher.

The Chain Trencher is very similar to a Chainsaw in many ways. It’s designed so that a large chain rotates around a rounded metal frame. They can often weigh up to 350,000lbs. Usually coming with two Diesel engines, you would think that they would be somewhat fast. Well think again. The larger of the engines is used to mechanically power the chain, while the smaller is there to run the Hydraulic system and to move the machine at a pace of about 1MPH. Now that is SLOW!! The rest of it pretty much speaks for itself in this amazing video of the Chain Trencher in action!! What do you think? Would you work with one of these beasts?!?

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