Chevy Silverados Tuned By SCA Performance 421/571

SCA Performance is a tuning shop dedicated to taking trucks up to the next level.  They have several diffrent tuned trucks for sale but one of their most popular is their 421 performance package as well as the 571.

The 421 Package features performance upgrades, and a signature look.

The creation of SCA Performance engineers, this functional body kit design consists of a front air dam, low pressure channeling side skirts, and rear diffuser, which work cohesively to maximize the air flow efficiency and overall performance of the SCA 421.

The addition of the 2″ Front/4″ Rear Suspension Lowering System not only enhances the aerodynamics and stability provided by the body kit, but also complements the aesthetic to further refine the overall vehicle design.


The 571 features that plus more upgrades to the performance.

If you are looking for the unquestioned ultimate speed machine, experience the fastest vehicle SCA Performance has to offer, the SCA 571. The 571 Performance Package upgrades the SCA 421 with a Whipple Industries twin-screw, intercooled supercharger, its own custom graphics, and a vigorous SCA proprietary engine management calibration that has produced documented sub 13 second quarter-mile times and will leave your competition behind to stare at your tracks.


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