Chevy vs. Ford frame test: see who the clear winner is.

When we posted a video of a frame flex test this fall between the Ford, Chevy and Dodge 3500 series trucks, people went nuts for them.  Many of you were very angry because you felt that the tests were biased or that it was ridiculous to test massive Duallies for flame flexing..

Well were back with another round of testing for flame flex.  This time: 2015 Ford F250 head to head with the 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD.  This is a fair fight between two of the same model year trucks with roughly the same specs.

Watch the video, look at the evidence and you have to agree.  The Ford F250 flexes significantly more then the Chevy.  The Chevy is able to open the tailgate and perform normally with up to 1500 pounds in the bed despite the frame flex.

Yes, the test is organized and put on by Chevy.  The have definitely stacked the deck in their favor running this test.  But its pretty much indisputable that the Chevy still holds up better under the frame flex test.

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