Classic Cummins vs. Modern Ram 2500 Cummins: do they make them like they used to?

Ready for a battle between some of the most debated diesel trucks ever? The debate rages on between Diesel enthusiasts about what generation of diesel trucks were the best. Old school Mechanical diesel trucks have a legendary reputation for being easy to fix and maintain and lasting forever. Newer engines have computers and electric controls that help with power and efficiency but are much more difficult to work with

This battle in the snow is tough to call then! The red Cummins is a 91 Dodge w250 with significant work done to it. It sounds awesome with straightpipes to the stacks. The grey Cummins is an 03 Ram 2500 with no work done to it other then a changed intake.

Its tough to call who exactly is the winner of this snow battle. Both trucks get some good pulling in and struggle to make traction. Who do you guys think won? The old school or new school? Let us know in the comments?

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