A Corvette, Duramax, Camaro, and a BMW battle it out on the Street

This is one of the strangest combinations of cars we have seen drag racing before.  3 Tuned cars versus one highly tuned LBZ Duramax.. Who do you think is going to take it?

The one thing three of the vehicles have in common is they are all chevys.  The Chevy Corvette Z06 (in black) needs no introduction.   They are very very quick in a straight line.  The Camaro (in red) has some work done to it but is an older LS1 Z28.

The Duramax is one clean truck!  Blacked out and lifted on 33’s its got a good amount of work done to the truck. For a street truck it looks relatively quick although we would love to see some dyno or track numbers.

Once they get out on the street, your going to be suprised which vehicles are the quickest!   Check out the video below!

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