Corvette vs. Hellcat makes for an awesome race. Until the police show up…

The battle for American Muscle car supremacy has been heating up something fierce in the past couple years.  Its turned into an all out war between the manufacturers to see who can turn out the fastest, most powerful car that is street legal and still comfortable for everyday use.

This has lead to strong competition between car enthusiasts everywhere who want to prove that their specific Model is the fastest around.   These three guys jumped on the highway with three of the fastest production cars out there right now.   They are

1)  A C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

2) Dodge Challenger Hellcat

3) Ford Shelby GT500

It doesn’t get faster then this for new off the line American Muscle cars.   In a series of roll races they are able to see whos got the fastest car.   Its tough to pick who won consistently as they seem to trade off who gets a good launch and who lets off the gas sooner.  When the cops show up however the shelby owner wisely decides to get out of Dodge before the cop has a chance to turn around!

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