Cummins driver loses to Duramax. Check out the priceless look on his face!

Ready for your daily dose of sweet sweet Karma?    Watch this cocky kid get the smile wiped off his face by a Duramax driver.    That is why you don’t get cocky and start bragging before the race is over! These two guys were out doing rolling start drags in their trucks.

The Cummins driver is driving a Single Cab ram powered by a 12 valve 5 speed Cummins Diesel Engine.  The Duramax is an 6.6L LB7 Duramax with Allison Transmission.

They are cruising along at 45 MPH to do a rolling start drag.  When they both punch it the Cummins grabs traction and starts pulling away.  The Dodge driver is overjoyed at having finally passed something and starts to get cocky.  He leans out his window and starts waving bye to the Duramax driver…. until he realizes the Duramax is gaining ground

Watching the joy be wiped off his face and his smile turn to a frown is one of the funniest things we have ever seen.  Your sure to laugh at watching this guys ego get crushed.

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