Cummins v. Powerstroke: See which one gets demolished!

The Work Truck:  A seriously underrated vehicle in the performance diesel world.  So many of us spend so much time modifying our trucks for looks and power that we ignore the most diesel trucks and engines are used for one purpose:  Work.

This Powerstroke driver is about to learn just how powerful a work truck can be.   He lines up his heavily modified Powerstroke against a Cummins that is used for work.  The Cummins is pretty much stock, but it doesn’t have a pickup truck bed.

The bed has been modified for work purposes to fit this guys needs.  The bed is a custom build to haul his gear and fits nicely over the dually rear wheels.   Powered by a 5.9 Cummins, its not even a question once the pulling starts.  The Cummins does not give an inch and immediately drags the Powerstroke down the track.

You can lift and tune your truck all you want, but in a battle of traction and power your not going to beat a dually with a heavy bed!

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