Cummins VS Powerstroke in Heavyweight Monster Truck Pull Off

Down at the Rednecks with Paychecks mudfest, they lined up the monster trucks to do a heavyweight pull off.  Normally when we feature pull off videos its two people with road legal trucks pushing their gear to the absolute max.  Its not often we get to show you three truly massive monster trucks giving it their all

First up is Powerstrokes vs a V10.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that the V10 has absolutely no chance.  The first pull the Powerstroke struggles to find its traction but the second time around, its game over for the V10.

Then they line up the true titans, a bright green crew cab Powerstroke against the “Outlaw” Cummins.   This matchup is as close as they get!  They really had to dig in to find some traction on the slippery clay/mud surface this was running in.  Ultimately the Outlaw Cummins looks like it digs in to be the champ but let us know in the comments who you think was the winner!

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