Double the Wheels… Double the Fun??? Why did this guy use 8 Wheels?

If there is one thing we stand for over here at RollingCoal its that if its your truck, you can do whatever you want to it.  We are just confused as to why this guy thought it would be a good idea to put 8 Wheels on truck?

It ends up looking exactly like a peice of farm equipment that someone has strapped a truck body too.  Hes using an older Ford truck body up top and its a bit hard to tell from the video what is underneath.  It very well could be a tractor or other peice of farm gear that just has a F150 body on top.

Still from any performance perspective, its doubling your weight for not too much performance boost.  There is a reason that all competition monster trucks just use 1 set of really big tires rather then 2 sets of narrow tires.

Plus can you imagine the turning radius if he doesn’t have an articulating frame?  He would need a runway to turn this beast around!

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