“Earthquake” Tractor Pulls A 20 Bottom Plow Easily!!!

The Earthquake is a mammoth sized Four Wheel Drive Tractor. It was built by Rite Manufacturing in Great Falls, Montana. It was engineered by Dave and John Curtis. In total they built 36 Tractor‘s, but out of those 36, only three of them were the mammoth sized model; also known as the 750 Force.

The 750 Force Tractor had around 750 Horsepower, while the smaller model Tractor only had 300 Horsepower. The large model came equipped with a 12V Detroit Diesel engine and they were built in the 1980’s. It’s quite amazing that these machines are still around to this day!!

This specific Tractor was sold to Doerfler Farms in Oregon. It soon got its name “EARTHQUAKE” after an earthquake had hit in the local area. The brothers said that the earthquake felt similar to the Tractor when it would be Plowing their field. The other two 750 Force Tractors are located in Northern Canada.

Just recently “Earthquake” recieved a change in ownership. It is now owned by the Randall brothers in Holgate, Ohio. But that’s not all! “Earthquake” also got a little boost in horsepower. It now pushes out 850hp! Very similar to Big Bud in size, this Tractor is 18 feet wide and 14 feet tall. The Tractor has absolutely no problem pulling a 20 Bottom Plow!!!

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