Enjoy watching a triple turbo Duramax Demolish a Dodge Ram

What is the fastest Chevy Nova on the planet?  This one might be it!  Called the “Triple Threat”, this Chevy Nova is an absolute monster capable of running 9 second passes on the drag strip.     Not many Chevy Nova’s can even compare to the speed and power of this beast.  In the video, they line up a Cummins powered Dodge Ram against it and the Dodge proceeds to get demolished.   They give the Cummins a significant head start down the track and the Duramax easily runs it down.

The Nova is powered by an engine swapped 2007 LBZ Duramax engine they transferred in.    Most of the other parts in the Nova were swapped or modified for hardcore racing purposes.   The amount of power this triple turbocharged engine makes pretty much requires all custom parts.  Anything not built to racing spec is just going to snap under the power and torque of this engine.    In this video they are able to sprint down the track in just 9.15 seconds.  With more shake downs and tuning this is easily going to be an 8 second car.  Very impressive build!

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