Ever seen a truck pull a burnout with a trailer attached? Well you will now!

Given a slick enough road and a light enough car, pretty much any vehicle can do a burnout.  It doesn’t take long of searching youtube to find videos of people doing burnouts in Kias and Daewoo’s.

Even doing a burnout in a dually is somewhat impressive.  Duallies are big heavy trucks with double the traction in the rear of a normal truck.  The whole point of a dually is that you have more traction for more towing ability!

This dodge owner however is ready to show just what a Cummins powered dodge can do. While towing a trailer loaded down with ATV’s he punches it and gets the tires smoking.  Its not the longest, biggest or smokiest burnout we have ever posted here, but it is the best we have seen of a dually with a trailer attached!   If you know of a better one, show us in the comments!

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