Ever wonder how the new Ford F150 would stand up to a sledgehammer?

When they announced the new All Aluminum F-150, Ford Fans worldwide shook their heads in shock! Trucks have to keep innovating and changing to keep getting better but many wondered if this move was a mistake. The advantages of switching to an All Aluminum body is a dramatic reduction in weight to the total vehicle. With an all aluminum body and bed the truck is saving around 700 total pounds. The most obvious benefit of this is that the truck gets much better mileage as its lighter. But it can also tow more as the engine has less weight to push around.

The downside of the Aluminum is the ease with which the body can take dings and the costs to repair the body from that. The editors at Edmunds.com have however set out to prove whether or not that was just an urban legend. There is only one way to do that however! They go out and buy a brand new $52,000 Ford F150 and pull it into their shop. One lucky employee gets to take out a sledgehammer and take two good swings at the panel!

Nobody was quite certain what would happen. They selected the rear panel on the truck bed as the location to nail with the sledgehammer as it would not be an easy piece to pop off and replace like a hood or door panel. You can see the Aluminum actually holds up quite well to the hits! It has some dents in it but not as bad as it could be! What do you think of this truck? Would you be worried about this Aluminum Body?

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