Ford F250 with Massive Body Lift and Airbags Lifting up and Down

This is for sure going to be one of the most controversial trucks we post on RollingCoal. This is a show truck not meant for any practical use whatsoever with a custom airbagged suspension. Airbag suspensions let people change the ride height of their vehicle on the fly.

Often seen in lowriders more then on lifted trucks, airbags were popularized for ultra lowriding vehicles. They would be able to lower their car or truck so low that it was sitting on the ground, then with the flick of a switch the vehicle can be lifted up so its driveable.

This F250 already has a huge body lift and when the airbags lift it up higher its just rediculous. From our perspective this is a complete waste of a good Ford. You can’t drive offroad or do anything with this truck. With the airbags on its probably unsafe to turn this thing at any speed. Its basically just a very shiny toy for sitting around in a parking lot…

What do you guys think though? Let us know in the comments!

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