Ford F350 is the mudding master! These jeeps can’t handle it!

If you’ve been mudding before you know there is many different types of mud out there.   Alot of times when you see big mudding contests its a watery soup.   Out on the trail though or with the right type of dirt, you can come upon that true deadly mud that stops any truck dead in its tracks.

This F350 is about to need all the power and skill the driver can come up with to make it across this thick, deep mud.   He goes first and has to really work the truck forward and backward to get through.   The tires slide some but perform great at getting grip even in this heavy mud.  He has to really work the truck to get it done!

The jeep that goes after it though is just bad!   He doesn’t have much lift on that thing and as soon as hes stuck up to the axles hes done for.   Oh well, back up that badass classic Ford and pull that Jeep out!

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