Ford Mustang vs. Ford Diesel in the ultimate Ford battle!

Ford Mustang vs Tuned Ford Powerstroke 6.4…. Who is going to win in a drag battle?   Most people would guess the Mustang on looks alone.  This white Mustang looks mean and fast.  But Diesel fans know just how quick these 6.4’s can be!

With minimal work its relatively easy to get the 6.4 Powerstrokes to north of 500 HP and 1,000 ft/lbs of torque.  This truck has had significantly more work done to it however by Maryland Performance Diesel who built the truck up.

The Mustang driver in this video looks like he might be completely new to driving stick!  He gets a much faster launch then the Powerstroke but loses his early lead as soon as its time to shift!  It looks like he misses a gear and the car struggles to maintain acceleration.

The Powerstroke driver despite his much later launch uses superior skill to reel in the Mustang.   He has no trouble quickly catching up and running even with the stang.  Finishing at 11.05 seconds is pretty damn quick for this road legal daily driven Powerstroke!

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