Ford vs. Dodge pull off: at 1:24 something crazy happen!

At the Tug-A-Truck contest in Ohio your about to see just what can happen when you put your truck to the limits! Lined up to do the pull off are a Dodge Cummins Dually (in red) against a lifted Ford F250 (in Red as well). The first pass, the Ford appears to easily pull the Dodge past the line. But at 1:24 you can see things have gone very badly for the Ford Powerstroke. They managed to snap both rear shock mounts from the torque of the pull off.

They continue to pull with the Truck and surprisingly still win after that even in their damaged condition. But thats crazy that the Ford would snap both shock mounts. That just goes to show the sheer strain and torque these trucks can put out in the Pull offs. At 1:24 when the mounts snap they get out and the camera zooms in. If you look closely you can see the shocks move slightly. Crazy stuff happens when you go to the truck pulls!

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