Guess how many Chevy trucks it takes to pull down a building…

When a Chevy Dealership in Ogden, Utah needed to tear down their building before they could build a new one, they decided to turn it into a publicity stunt! They prepped the building for destruction, then hooked ropes up to Four Chevyrolets in the parking lot and let them loose! We can’t see exactly what all four trucks are but we can see at least one Duramax in the bunch.

Now we know what all of you guys are thinking… Sure it takes four chevys to do this, but how many Fords or Dodges would it take? Look the reality of this is that to pull a building down, the only thing that matters is torque. Stock from the manufacturers (no power modifications) and using a range of vehicles (quarter and half tons) like this chevy dealer is using.. We think it would pretty much be the same for both Ford and Dodge. What do you guys think though? Let us know in the comments!

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