Guy Buys a Truck for $75 Dollars and Drives it to Work for 38 Years.

You can’t beat the amazing long lasting power of good american made trucks! Check out this amazing true story of one very very tough Chevy.

In his early 20’s and after finding a new job that required him to drive to work, Bob Sportel needed to buy his first truck. A farmer from his area was selling a beat up, run down old Chevy truck for just $75 bucks at the time and he bought it.

And now, Bob is STILL driving that same Chevy to work on the day he retires 38 years later. If that is not an impressive testament to the quality of american made goods then we don’t know what is! Oh and Bob doesn’t live somewhere warm where a vehicle has a relatively easy life. This truck has been running its whole life on a salty, frozen roads of Minnesota! There is rust all over it but its still cruising! How awesome is that?

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