He went into an old barn. Little did he know he’d find the El Dorado of classic cars!

So many amazing classic cars never get the treatment they deserve. They are squirreled away in garages, yards, sheds and barns around the country just sitting there rotting away.   If your a car lover like us it pains you to see such amazing vehicles not being taken car of and driven on a regular basis.

This guy is about to stumble on the mecca, the El Dorado of old classic cars just sitting rusting in a barn!   This farmers barn in Illinois is stuffed with iconic classic muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s sitting unused and dusty.  The guy that owns all of these cars planned to join a classic car club so he bought one of each of the classics and then promptly parked them in his barn where they sit today.

In the barn are a 1969 Dodge Charger, a Ford Talladega and a Plymouth Superbird among others.   It seems like such a waste to let this guy leave such amazing cars sitting around in barn.  Unfortunately they clearly specified that none of these amazing rides are for sale.  They will likely just continue to sit there collecting dust and rusting away in the midwestern winters for years to come!

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