Hennessey Tuned 665 HP GMC Denali vs Hellcat

If your kids are running very very late to soccer practice, we have the ultimate sleeper SUV for you.  As diesel fans, we have long loved the Ford Excursion for a sleeper SUV that could be tuned for crazy power and speed…  But Hennessey has taken a 2015 GMC Denali to new levels of SUV performance for a Gas engine.

They did all this tuning work on the full size, longer GMC Denali XL.  We are talking about a massive SUV that tips the scales at over 6000 pounds.   The stock engine is no slouch in the Denali, it needs to have some serious power to get that much weight moving.  But once Hennessey got their hands on the Denali, they went crazy changing the full setup around.

They are able to get a SUV of this size to run a quarter mile at 110 MPH..   when you consider this thing has 3 full rows of seating and could comfortably haul 7 people while running that quarter mile you realize just how rediculous that is.   Against the Hellcat, its a bit of an unfair race.  He appears to jump the gun a bit and the Hellcat gets a horrible launch.   To even come close against the most powerful production muscle car today though is impressive!

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