Here’s a car that’s a monster even when it’s idling!

It is possible to build a muscle car that is just simple too powerful for the rest of the setup you have.  This Mopar Monster is dangerously close to crossing that line!  Prepare to drool after this 1977 Chrysler with perfect purple paint job.

When you first hear this blown Chrysler CL Ute come idling in it sounds and looks mean.   But you don’t really get an appreciation for how powerful it is until he starts turning and backing with it.  The tires chirp and he clearly is struggling to control the car every time the car moves in such a tight space.  In the beginning it looks like hes showing off, but then you realize its just so powerful that any throttle at all looks like this!

Once its on the track it lays down a ridiculous burnout.  This is an awesome example of Mopar Power in the form of a somewhat unusual vehicle.  The ute shape is somewhat of a hybrid between a car and truck.  Its a car frame and body the first half, with a truck bed instead on rear seats and trunk.   Most popularly seen in the states on the Chevy El Camino.   What do you think of this gorgeous car?

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