Here’s a truck pull that’s more hardcore than you can handle!

Some people look at a massively lifted diesel show truck and think that is a super powerful truck that can win sled pulls.   Nope, if your a diesel truck guy, you know that those fancy pavement pounders are not always as tough as they are built to look.

Down in Florida, the local trucks can actually pull for the most part.  Check out this video of the Big Cypress Truck pull way down south.  It features a whole range of trucks Pulling the sled down the track.

The worst truck in the bunch is that Lifted Cummins Dually that barely moves the sled down the track.  He had cash to buy a train horn and rims for it, but he should have spent a little more on engine power if he wanted to compete in the truck pull!  It appears that even the F150 tows further then him.  When your Dually is getting beaten by a gas F150… its time to upgrade your power.

The best truck is that Murdered out Powerstroke F250.  That thing was driving like a bat out of hell with that sled attached.  Its always awesome seeing someones daily driven truck have this much power at the pulls!

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