Here’s the $5 part that will save your Powerstroke engine!

If you could put one $5 dollar part on your truck and save the engine… would you?    This guy works on Powerstroke engines day in and day out and has found one fatal flaw he says that for just $5 bucks you can protect your engine from serious damage

That part is the coolant cap.  Coolant caps are used to maintain the pressure and increase the boiling point of the coolant.  This is absolutely essential to maintaining a healthy functioning diesel engine.

He shows you a bunch of used caps he took off Powerstrokes that had come into the shop.   When placed on a testing device to check whether or not they are maintaining any air pressure, they drop to 0 within seconds.  With a $5 dollar aftermarket cap, the pressure stays instantly.

What do you guys think?  Is this coolant cap upgrade as essential as he says or is he just scaring people?  For our money, $5 isn’t much to pay for peace of mind! Let us know in the comments!

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