Here’s what 970 horsepower looks like in action.

Time for your daily dose of torque!!   People who haven’t ridden in a tuned Diesel don’t know just how much acceleration these beasts can put out!   When you step on it in a truck that has over 900 Horsepower, its going to be some serious acceleration.  Like, the type of acceleration that throws you back in the seat and snaps your neck back if your not ready!

We don’t know exactly what the details are on this truck as its not shown clearly in the video. It looks like either a LLY or LB7 Duramax that has had significant work done to the engine and drivetrain to put down this much power.

What is especially crazy about this truck is he says that since filming this the driver has switched to triple turbos and is now putting down over 1200 HP….  Talk about impressive numbers!

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