Here’s what a real Twin Turbo Duramax Diesel looks like in action!

Ready to see what true high performance setups for Twin Turbo Duramax’s look like? This one from Industrial injection is one of the best sounding and looking Twin Turbos we have seen yet. Underneath the hood, the kit clearly fits in smoothly with few issues. It doesn’t look cluttered even though fitting in a twin Turbo can be challenging sometimes!

The real cool thing this truck is using is a water-methanol kit from Snow-Performance. These kits are some of the best performance increases you an get on a budget for your truck. Every review company that has looked at them has raved about their performance. They work by carefully changing how your engine uses the diesel fuel to greatly lower the EGT of the truck. There are several benefits to a water-methanol kit, the main ones being a 50-100 HP increase in power while also getting an additional 1-3 MPG in fuel efficiency.

Check out this awesome twin turboed duramax and let us know what you think in the comments!

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