Here’s why some people shouldn’t be allowed to own trucks…

Get ready to laugh at this Chevy Truck owner.  The video was filmed by a construction guy working on building a new sewer line in the backwoods.  He shows up to start the work day and discovers quite the surprise along the road in to the job site.

A Chevy Duramax Dually is sitting there stuck in the mud abandoned by the owner.   They clearly had tried to go out mudding overnight in their Dually only to get very very stuck in the mud and have to abandon the truck right there.

The construction guy laughing at them makes the video.   Why you would go mudding alone in the middle of the night in a Dually is beyond us.  They are big heavy trucks that sink in the mud like a rock. That makes them a blast to drive but don’t be  surprised when you get stuck.  Having to walk home in the middle of the night hopefully taught this truck owner a lesson!

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