Is this custom Dodge Ram awesome or over the top?

Wow, this is one of the wildest custom 2014 Ram’s built yet!     Built by Alex Vega at “The Auto Firm” this truck is a work of art.  The truck began its life as a 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually powered by a Cummins diesel engine.

We don’t often see Dually’s get work done to them because they are just so expensive to begin with!  Most people who buy them are buying a truck for its serious towing and power capabilities.  Its relatively rare for us to see one done up like this just for aesthetics!

The Auto Firm went out with a specific black and red color scheme in mind and worked hard to get the whole truck to match that paint scheme.  The rims, black exterior with red accents.  The whole exterior of the truck has that same black body with red accents. Nothing was left undone!  Even the tow hooks in the front were painted a bright red!

What do you guys think of this truck?  Awesome or just too over the top?

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