It’s army truck vs. army truck in the best pull off ever!

We have shown you awesome 2wd drive pull offs, great 4wd pull offs… but this is going to be the first 6wd pull off!

Two diffrent army 6×6’s are lined up back to back at an event called “Truck Warz.”  This intense battle is going to be best 2 of 3 pulls to determine the winner.

This normally would be a pretty fair fight.  The video is too low res for us to tell exactly which military trucks these are (if anyone knows, drop it in the comments!) but they definitely did not make this a fair fight!

One truck is completely loaded down in the rear with easily a couple thousand pounds.  The other truck is able to immediately pull it, but with that extra weight it has no problem maintaining traction and towing the other one right across the line!

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