It’s not very often you just stumble across a pristine, 1985 Camaro, but that’s exactly what these guys did! You have to see it!

These guys hit the jackpot while emptying out an old trailer.  They are unloading a trailer from their property when they discover a brand new, never driven 1985 IROC-Z  sitting inside the trailer.  Watch them unload it in giddy disbelief at their good fortune!  What would you do if you discovered this car?  Would you keep it?  Or sell it and buy something else with the money?


This IROC-Z is so brand new it still has the dealer stickers on the window with all the data about what the car is worth etc.   It has a few miles on the odometer as all new cars end up having, but other then that, the only wear and tear on this car is nearly 3 decades worth of dust from sitting in a trailer all this time.   The owner ended up spending significant amount of time getting the car cleaned up, polished and sold it for 27,000 dollars at auction!  Talk about a jackpot!!!



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