It’s the ultimate Dodge Ram truck showdown!

This Gas Dodge Ram driver is about to learn the hard way why battling a Cummins powered Ram in a Drag race is a big mistake!     He lines up his lifted 4.7 Ram against a diesel Cummins 5.9L Ram…. This isn’t going to end well for him.  The Cummins is a 3500 Ram with a 6 inch lift on Nitto Trail Grapplers.  It has a chip and tune with straight pipes.

All that goes to tell that this isn’t even going to be close!   Once the Cummins driver punches it, its over within the first 50 feet.  He just has so much more torque and acceleration in his truck that it can hardly be considered a “race”

Please share this drag race with gas fans to let them know… Diesel Wins.

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