Massive Chevy vs. swimming pool. We’ll give you one guess who wins.

What the heck is going on at this party… This is one of the craziest looking parties we’ve ever seen.  Just a bunch of guys hanging out in a backyard drinking and tooling around in a Super Chevy.

Out of nowhere some guy in a beatup car with no doors comes flying in and tries to hit him!  It looks like it was just a joke and they definitely know each other, but you just don’t mess with a mans truck like that!

Whether in retaliation or just for fun, he decides to floor the Chevy over the new pool they had just put in!  The chevy has absolutely no trouble clawing through the pool and the yard gets flooded from the exploding pool.

Whooever these guys are, We want to party with them!   (just not at our house!)

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