Modern tractor vs. WW2 era Chevy truck in the ultimate tug of war!

Anytime you hook your truck up to do a tug of war, its a gamble that you think your truck is going to make more traction then the other guy.   That means you think your combination of torque, weight, size and tires is ultimately going to give you more traction to pull the other truck.

This guy must have thought his mud truck stood a chance against a modern john deere tractor… But he definitely thought wrong!   Look at the size and weight of the John Deere in comparison to his truck.

The tractor towers over him with two sets of huge rear wheels meant for towing huge heavy loads in mud and dirt.  For the tractor, towing a mud truck behind it is honestly a pretty light payload compared to what they can normally haul!

As soon as they say go… it ain’t even a question!!! Watch the video and see this mud truck driver get humiliated!

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