Road Rage Bully Jumps out and Gets What He Deserves

Everyone has stressful days on the road.  Some idiot cuts you off, swerves at the wrong time, or is talking on their phone at the wrong time.  For most of us, sure we get mad but we get over it and drive on.

This road raging driver takes it way way too far.  He is at first tailgating and speeding up behind these drivers.   He manages to speed past them and slows them to a stop. Caught all on camera, he jumps out of his car and runs back to this driver and rips him out of the car.

The Road Raging bully probably thought he was about to teach this guy a lesson… but instead hes about to learn a lesson about picking on the wrong person!  He ends up cowering in the ditch getting wailed on in the head by the other driver. Have a good laugh at this guys mistake.  All he had to do was drive on and instead he ends up getting embarrassed by a guy who is easily 50 pounds lighter then him.

Is there anything more satisfying then watching someone get whats coming to them??

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