Meet The Scorpion. The Scariest Way To Cut Down Trees!!

How many of you remember going out with your dad to fall some trees when you were younger? Back then it was quite a back breaking process. We had to manually cut the tree down with an axe or chainsaw and then manually remove each branch. By the end of the day, we wouldn’t be in the mood to do anything else except relax. Well nowadays we have machines that do all that work for us! Say hello to the Scorpion!

The Scorpion is by far the most efficient way to cut down trees. Instead of taking hours to remove one tree, this machine can do it in a matter of minutes. It’s actually quite scary what this thing does. It starts off by cutting the tree down at the base and then slides it through its grip until the desired length. While it slides through, it’s also removing any excess branches. WOW! That thing is insane!

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