Someone plunged a tractor into the river. You have to see what happened next!

Thats why you never give up!  This Russian Tractor driver tried to go through a creek instead of finding a bridge over it.   He didn’t know how deep the creek was going to be and to be fair in a massive vehicle like this, a few feet of water is no problem!

He is quickly in water thats up over his wheels and almost up to his cab.   Many people would panic and start flooring it trying to get out of here.  This driver stays focus and works it slowly and carefully to find traction and a safe path through the creek.

It takes him backing up and forth a couple times to find the right path through the deep water.  That diesel engine though digs in and as the truck pulls out of the water you will be very suprised to learn this whole time he was towing a trailer behind him!  Talk about some good driving!

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