This stunt driver just set the record for tightest parallel park in SECONDS. You have to see it to believe it.

When you Drive a Big diesel Truck in the city, getting through narrow spots and into tight parking spots can be a HASSLE.  I get nervous just thinking about trying to squeeze my truck into a super tight spot and risking the paint on my truck!


This chinese guy takes parallel parking to a whole new level however.  In an official attempt to set a Guinness world record he has them setup a parking spot that is only about 3-4 inches wider then his car.  For most people it would take them a half hour of carefully inching forward and backward to get their car to fit into a space that size.


Han Yue (the driver) decides to take it to the next level however and set its up so he will drift his Mini cooper smoothly into the spot.  Talk about smooth driving!  Once your car is sliding most of the time you lose the precise control you need to do a parallel parking job… Not for this guy. Watch in amazement at his parking job!


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