The New “Intruder 2.0” Mega Truck Is Beautiful, But It’s Even Better Covered In Mud!

Mega mud trucks are some of the sickest vehicles ever built, but just because your truck is lifted with big tires doesn’t mean that it’s a nice truck. This beast on the other hand is not only one of the sweetest sounding trucks we’ve heard in a long time, but its got some killer looks to it as well!

Say hello to the “Intruder 2.0!” This mega mud truck has more than just its good looks. Keep in mind this truck is pretty much a brand new build so it’s not fully complete. There’s a few things we could think of that would improve this beast, such as having a higher and better suspension set up. But that’s none of our business. We do however want to know what is under the hood powering it because that thing has some power!

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