The world’s FASTEST Hearse Will Take You to the Afterlife in style.

Most Hearses are used for short and slow cruises to take the departed to the Cemetery .   Little is thought about the performance of these vehicles. But For AMS Performance, they thought it would be a good challenge to see just how fast they could make a Hearse!    That lead to the creation of the “Madness” a Hearse they built from the ground up to run a quarter mile!


Watch in amazement at the speed of this hearse!   These are not small or light vehicles by any means.  To break the world record they needed to break the record of 11.6 seconds by “Stiff Shifter”  which was set in 2010.   AMS Performance is able to CRUSH that record by running a 10.6  Second pass at 127 MPH.  Watch this and Share it with your friends!!




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