These diesel rat rods look like something out of a crazy steampunk movie!

Next time you need to scare a Prius Owner, I know exactly the Diesel Truck to use…   These two custom Diesel Rat Rods are absolute beasts.  Built up for Sema 2014 by Welderup, the shop featured on the Discovery TV Channel show  “Vegas Hot Rods”,  both Rat Rods are powered by massive diesel engines.


Diesel Engines have so much low end torque that they almost never have trouble doing burnouts and donuts… But combine that with the extremely low weight of a Rat rod and you have a vehicle capable of insane tire shredding power.   One of the rods is making 400+ HP and the other over 1000+ HP at under 3000 pounds a peice.


Their best estimate for torque is somewhere between 1800-2000 ft/lbs.      Talk about an amazing custom build.  These rods look super fun to drive too!


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