These guys show you the quickest way to totally ruin your engine.

Ever wondered what the inside of an engine looks like running at peak output?   These guys are about to show you exactly what that looks like in the worst possible way.  They started with an old beatup junk car that was destined for the scrapyard for this automotive experiment.

They remove the heads from the engine so your getting the raw view of the pistons pumping on this engine, then they start off down the road.  With no heads on the engine, there is no power output.  The car is being towed along in 1st gear by a truck.  By being in the lowest gear on this inline 4 cylinder, the engine is forced to run at extremely high RPM’s.  They claim at that this car passes 10,000 RPM.

It doesn’t take long for the whole engine to seize up but its crazy watching the pistons whirr at that speed and the oil shooting out at such high velocity.  We hope nobody ever attempts this experiment again with a nice engine because this one is totally wrecked!

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