These Guys slammed a Cummins 6BT engine into a Classic Jeep.

Hope your ready to fall in love today because if your a Jeep or Cummisn fan you are going to want one of these so bad.   This custom build was done by a performance offroad shop, starting with a Jeep J-Series truck.

The frame is a 1992 W250 Chassis with Dana 60/70 axles front and rear.  They lifted it up to fit 37″ tires on it and shoehorned in the Cummins 6BT engine.     Many of the accessorys on the truck came from grand wagoneers giving it a unique look.

A diesel powered jeep is a dream for alot of people because the pull and torque of a diesel engine is perfect for rock crawling and offroading.  Many full size diesel pickups are just too large and heavy to be great at rock crawling and true offroading.  If your a diesel offroad enthusiast, this would finally be the perfect truck for you

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