These guys were off-roading in their trucks. Too bad they didn’t know a dam was opened up nearby…

In the mountains of New Mexico there are many riverbeds that are used for 4 wheeling.  Trucks blast up and down the rocky riverbeds with no issue 95% of the time, enjoying the challenging combination of loose rocks and water for driver and truck.    Before you go however, you should always check to see when water is scheduled to be released from the dam!

This driver is about to get in one of the toughest spots in his life!   He is driving along with a group of other 4 wheeling trucks when the dam opens up.  The rest of the trucks ahead of him make it out of the riverbed no problem but he gets very stuck in a muddy sandy patch.

He jumps out of the truck thinking fast and starts to deflate his tires.  The lower air pressure gives the tire more surface area and thus more grip to help pull out of the mud.   With the river around him literally rising by the second its a race against time to get the tires deflated and get the truck moving again.

His buddys come dashing to the rescue and it takes 4 of them pushing hard to get the truck unstuck.  He punches it then and blasts through much deeper water then it was a few minutes ago!  It looks like hes able to get out of this tight spot with no permanent damage but hes probably had his fill of adrenaline for a while!

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