This Bench Press Could End Up Saving Alot Of Lives!!!

Anyone who has ever been to the gym, or worked out in their life knows exactly how dangerous bench pressing can be. Especially if your gym partner doesn’t show up. Some people even workout ALONE and don’t seem to know their limit. When you have too much weight and can’t get the bar back up, it can be extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal! With this new system, you can bench press without the worry of not being able to get the bar back up!!!

This guy got stuck in the situation of his partner now showing up one day, but he went through with the routine anyways. He got himself stuck under the bar when he couldn’t get it back up. Being an engineer, he decided it was time to create a bench where you could remove yourself from danger in this situation. This is probably the best invention for working out. It could end up saving alot of lives!!

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