This Chevelle driver decided to race a diesel truck. he won’t make that mistake again.

Classic American Muscle against a massive Cummins Powered Dodge Dually…. This should be an easy win for the american muscle car but this driver is about to learn just how quick Diesels can be!

The Chevy Chevelle in the far lane is an iconic muscle car.  People have been working on and racing these Chevys for decades now and they can be tuned to be very very quick.   The Dodge Ram on the other hand is a huge Dually normally used for hauling heavy loads over rough terrain and long distances.  You wouldn’t expect it to even come close to winning this race…

As the lights drop on the drag strip however, the Dodge driver times the green pretty much perfectly!   He hits that light at just the right second and rockets away.  The Chevy driver must have been day dreaming because he gets a horrible launch.   The Dodge is rocketing away by the time the Chevy driver even begins to react to the green light.

The Chevelle makes a strong attempt at reeling in the Dodge but nobody was expecting this dually to be that quick!  They won’t make that mistake again anytime soon!

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